Dynamic Testing

Mechanical testing machines: static, dynamic, fatigue and impact

Steplab is specialized in the production of highly customizable machines and test benches. All systems are based on the electronic platform and software Test Center developed in house.

STEP Lab was founded in 2011 as a manufacturer of machines for mechanical testing. Today STEP Lab is a company that produces and sells electromechanical and electrodynamic systems for static, dynamic and impact mechanical tests.

The product range of STEP Lab is divided into the following areas: Electromechanical actuators based on ball screw, Electrodynamic actuators based on linear motor technology, Drop Towers, Climate Chambers and Robot Based Systems.

All our machines are based on electrical actuation and are managed by the same controller and software interface Test Center, the result of constant implementation and optimization.
STEP Lab is also specialized in the realization of customized testing systems.

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Product portofolio

Electromechanical actuators

Based on special ball screws, developed for testing machines. Suitable for dynamic tests in position and force control, static tests in position and force control.
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Static testing machines

Steplab's static material testing machines are suitable for applications in all sectors, whether in quality control or research projects, offering outstanding performance with challenging materials and test components.

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Damper Testing Machines

These machines are suitable to test damper for cars, motorcycles and trucks. This new family of machines was born to overcome the limitations of hydraulic systems by effectively responding to the demand for high performance, ease of installation and low energy consumption.
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Ski Boots And Footwear Testing Machines

Boot Testing Machine is electromechanical testing machines developed to fulfill the testing requirements of ski boot producer.

The powerfull brushless motor guarantees both high forces and velocity on the boot.

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Electrodynamic actuators

Based on linear motors with very high dynamic performance. Suitable for dynamic tests in position and force control, deformation high speed tests and laboratory reproduction. Read more

Dynamic and fatigue testing machines

The purpose of dynamic fatigue tests is to determine the behavior and service life of the material in a certain state of supply under set fatigue cycles. The fatigue test is performed when it is desired to characterize the behaviour of a given material subjected to sub-critical stresses, verifying its service life under a defined load profile fluctuating between a set maximum and minimum value.

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Drop Weight Towers

The DW 1000 is a drop tower test system that performs mono-multi axial impact tests on products and specimens. The system allows to set impact energies ranging from 5 to 750J, allowing to test a wide range of products and materials

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Testing systems based on Robot

STEP Lab develops and supplies testing systems based on robot. The system is managed by a special version of the software Test Center, which permits to easily manage tests on the 3D movements.

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Steplab Internal Testing Laboratory

STEP Lab performs tests on products and materials, commissioned by its customers. The use of our machines guarantees the highest levels of precision and accuracy, possible thanks to the extreme quality of our equipment.
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