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Tensile sample production machines

TensileMill CNC Inc. offers you a full range of tensile test sample preparation machines. You may choose from their flat tensile preparation or round tensile preparation equipment line up. All of their units are equipped with the user-friendly Tensile Software allowing you to start milling your tensile test specimens in mere seconds. Simply load your blank into the machine, select your desired standard on the software and press GO. Let the CNC software do the rest.


They pride themselves in being a North American leader in the production of tensile test sample preparation machines. Their robust, light and heavy duty, user-friendly tensile test sample preparation machines have been revolutionizing the traditional tensile sample preparation processes.

Flat Specimen Preparation Equipment Lineup

Find the Optimal Flat Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment

Struggling with effective flat tensile sample preparation? Experience the market’s leading user-friendly flat tensile sample preparation equipment. Preparing flat tensile specimens has never been easier. Take full advantage of the speed, precision and the ease-of-use our flat tensile preparation machines offer. Each CNC for tensile specimen preparation is capable of creating the perfect sample for your tensile testing needs every time. Learn more about our flat CNC for tensile sample preparation line of equipment.

Models for flat specimen

Tensile mini CNC

TensileMill CNC MINI - Flat Specimen Preparation

The newly enhanced TensileMill CNC MINI has quickly climbed through the ranks as the optimal tensile sample preparation system in the global market place. Since the recent upgrades, the MINI surpasses our Classic model by virtually all parameters.

Due to the MINI’s small footprint, this compact tensile sample preparation system is ideal for accommodating smaller space requirements. The machine can also prepare virtually all types of tensile specimen standards, as well as it has a full scope of all purpose CNC machining capabilities.

The advanced software allows to the operators to reach accurate and repeatable milling results in seconds with a push of 2-3 buttons. Don’t let the small size fool you, the MINI is capable of accommodating medium to high volumes of tensile specimen preparation for materials with hardness values of up to 60HRC.

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Tensile clasic CNC

TensileMill CNC - Flat Specimen Preparation

Our classic tensile sample preparation machine designed to accommodate both tensile preparation and other CNC machining requirements. The advanced software allows to reach milling results in seconds with a push of 2-3 buttons.

This robust and user-friendly unit can accommodate medium to large volume of daily tensile or CNC sample preparations. TensileMill CNC is a tough, user-friendly solution for medium to larger size laboratories and manufacturing facilities.


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Tensilemil XL CNC

TensileMill CNC XL - Flat Specimen Preparation

The XL model is our larger tensile sample preparation machine that comes standard with an upgrade function of full CNC Carbon package for general purpose CNC requirements.

TensileMill CNC XL is equipped with a state-of-the-art auto tool changer for the ultimate milling flexibility and time savings, allowing to prepare various types of tensile specimens and other parts.

The advanced software allows to the operator reach milling results in seconds with a push of a few buttons.

TensileMill CNC XL is an ideal user-friendly solution for medium to large size laboratories and manufacturing facilities.


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TensileTurn CNC – Round Specimen Preparation

Find the Optimal Round Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment

Struggling with effective round tensile sample preparation? Round tensile test specimen preparation is made easy with our line up of easy-to-use, fast and precise lathes for round tensile preparation. Turning round, square or irregular stock is no problem for these robust round tensile sample preparation machines. Each CNC for round sample preparation comes standard with user-friendly software and other components for your long-term operational needs. Our lathes are designated CNC for round tensile specimen preparation, however can also be used for standard CNC machining needs. Make your round tensile sample preparation the easiest part of your day with TensileMill’s line up equipment.

Models for round specimen

Tensilemil mini CNC

TensileTurn CNC - Round Specimen Preparation

This classic tensile sample preparation machine is designed to accommodate round tensile specimen requirements from both round and square stocks as well as other CNC machining requirements.

The standard tensile software included with the unit allows for round tensile milling results in seconds with a push of a button. This industrial, user-friendly machine can accommodate medium to large volume of daily round tensile or other round CNC requirements.

TensileTurn CNC is an ideal solution for medium to larger size laboratories and manufacturing facilities.


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Tensilemil round classic

TensileMill CNC Industrial Upgrade is the ultimate solution for preparing tougher, larger and higher volumes of materials for tensile sample preparation needs. TensileTurn CNC – Industrial Upgrade – Round Tensile Sample Preparation Machine

The Industrial Upgrade model is a substantial step up from our Classic system.

It offers the ability to accommodate larger starting blank sizes, tougher materials, irregular shapes, higher specimen preparation volumes, automatic center drilling and other unique functions required for the simplest and most accurate round tensile sample preparation.

This system comes standard with a granite frame for added stability and the shock absorption for maximum sample preparation accuracy and longer system life-span.

Though the Industrial Upgrade system is extraordinary for tensile specimen preparation needs, it is also capable of full range of CNC machining capabilities.


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Tensilemil round XL

TensileTurn CNC XL - Heavy Duty Round Specimen Preparation

TensileTurn CNC XL is the upgraded version of our TensileTurn CNC classic unit. This powerful lathe is capable of turning round, square and irregular stock of tougher materials in the marketplace.

The machine comes equipped with a robust tooling fixture, precision tailstock, and a high powered spindle. TensileTurn CNC XL is no doubt the ultimate round tensile test sample preparation machine capable of both tensile specimen preparation and advanced CNC machining.

The unit is capable of meeting high capacity and high quantity output requirements for medium to large size laboratories and manufacturing facilities.


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Frequently asked questions about Tensile sample production machines

To begin preparing your tensile specimens, simply open the door to have access to the machining area. Depending on the size of your required tensile samples, adjust the vise to the desired length for your blanks. Firmly tighten your material into the holder and close the door to the machining area. On your touch screen software panel, simply select your desired specimen size from the library of common standards or enter the parameters of your specimen size in the empty fields. Once you have completed inputting the dimensions of your desired tensile sample, start the machine and the machining process will begin.

The tensile interface requires that you enter the total length of the tensile specimen, the shoulder width, the radius at the shoulders, the gauge length and the gauge width.You will then be able to save these tensile parameters for future use and access it with a simple push of a button. Request a quotation today.

Here at TensileMill CNC Inc. we believe in offering value first. You are welcome to benefit from our free tensile sample preparation services for your specimens by sending us a couple of your samples. Our engineering team will be happy to mill them for you, create a video of the process and send the samples back to your facility for inspection. This will give you a clear idea how good our machine can handle tensile sample preparation for your specimens.

Our flat and round tensile specimen preparation machines are designed for precision in order to beat the various industry standards tolerances like ASTM, ISO, DIN and JIS by a long shot. The lowest accuracy and repeatability measurement to be expected from our tensile specimen preparation equipment is 0.01mm (0.0004″).

Tensile Soft makes adding and adjusting specimen sizes extremely easy with the use of our touch screen interface. This is possible for both flat and round specimens. Irregular or complex specimen sizes can be prepared with the upgraded CNC software.

The time for machining depends on the size of your specimen and the material type. Contact a TensileMill CNC specialist today to receive an estimated machining time based on your specifications.

TensileMill CNC Inc. makes it easy to select your correct CNC Tensile Machine for tensile sample preparation. We suggest to fill out our detailed quote request by selecting the right top tab. This will give our consulting team all the details necessary to suggest the right tensile sample preparation machine for you. In our ongoing effort to innovate, we are confident that the right tensile sample preparation equipment can be found right here.

Our list of specimen sizes is constantly expanding! The library is organized by the industry standard. The following is a list of the most commonly used industry standards: ASTM E8, ISO 6892, JIS Z 2241, ASTM A370, ASTM E21 and DIN 50125.

In order to better answer the efficiency question for your tensile specimen preparation CNC Machine, we ask you a couple of technical specifications questions. These questions help narrow down which tensile CNC machine will do the job just right. To help you with this, we created a detailed quote request which allows you to submit your inquiry in now time and receive the optimal based on your technical needs. We look forward to help you with the right tensile specimen machine!

The unique benefit of our Tensile Preparation interface is that it allows absolutely any operator to prepare tensile specimens with their specific dimensions at the click of only a few buttons. We simplify the complicated process of running a CNC machine and bring it down to an interface that anyone can understand. Clamp your metal, setup the dimensions and get milling!

Absolutely! The TensileMill CNC has an endless list of uses for machining your desired parts. For the more advanced operators, the Carbon control system is a fully-featured controller and is accessible for custom programming.The TensileMill CNC is equipped with a MACH4 industrial CNC software with professional CNC functions.New features are constantly being developed and every machine includes free updates forever!

We encourage you to review the below document summarizing TensileMill’s unique value proposition. Typically, the attached document does a fantastic job justifying your investment to your procurement team.
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Tensile specimen machining is our specialty. We make it easy for our clients to be matched up with a system that will take care of their flat or round tensile sample preparation needs in the most user-friendly, accurate & repeatable and cost-effective manner. Contact our qualified CNC consultants today to learn more!

In the world of specialized tensile sample preparation manufacturing, TensileMIll CNC is leading the market with the combination of a strong built tensile sample preparation CNC machine combined with the Tensile Soft, user-friendly software interface. Machine components and the controller are assembled and built in North America. The final inspection and troubleshooting takes place in one of our three locations. Tensile preparation has never been easier for a wide variety of materials, ranging from soft aluminum to super hard Inconel. View our full tensile test sample preparation line-up today to experience the difference in quality tensile sample preparation equipment.