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Strain Gauge Seminar October 2024

Where: Quantify bv – Leuvenselaan 172, 3300 Tienen
When : 23 and 24 October 2024
Schedule: both days from 9:00 to 17:00
Trainer: Philippe Zwaenepoel – BSSM certified trainer
Language:  English


Book via info@strainacademy.eu


In this comprehensive, hands-on workshop, participants make several complete strain gauge installations, including surface preparation, product selection, soldering, electrical connections,  and environmental protection. At the end of the practical session they will use appropriate readout instrumentation to verify the results of their own installations.


During this training the participants will learn how to bring a strain gauge installation to a good conclusion with the confidence that what has been installed will produce quality data.


Focus is on mastering the right techniques, starting from a blank material, participants learn to select the right surface preparation, strain gauge, adhesives, soldering, cables and coatings.


In between the hands-on training, all topics that are crucial for understanding strain measurements will be covered in depth in this workshop. Going from temperature compensation over strain gauges circuitry to bridge excitation optimization and installation calibration.


The techniques used during our workshop are those employed by VPG Micro-Measurements and supported by the British Society for Strain Measurements Code of Practice. Products and instruments used during the practical sessions are from VPG Micro-Measurements.